What is Outspace?

1,000,000,000,000,000 Kilometers of space where you can develop gigantic space structures, colonize planets or build own army to dominate other players.

Outspace is actually pre-alpha, check Facebook for updates or game news.

Player driven economics

The realistic game economic very similar to real economy based on offer & demand principles.

Mining Crafting & manufacture

Every single item, every spacecraft part, every weapon or piece of equipment must be manufactured by players.

Enormous space constructions

Build space mega structures such as gigantic orbital stations with capacity of hundreds people living there or super-fast dangerous spacecraft.

Planet Colonization

Start with a small habitat and develop a surface cities where your people will survive.

Real space exploration

Real sizes and distances of a space objects mean that you can travel in one direction many years and you are still in the game world.

Single player or MMO

Make your own quests. Hire players for a single job by creating a quest. Run a great empire by employing other players to work for you.


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